Ravenswood Presbyterian Church believes that to follow Christ means practicing "extravegant generosity" when it comes to helping others in need. To do this, we support an annual missions budget of over $2,000 that provides funds to local, regional, national, and international aid organizations. In addition to the money we give, we house in our church building several building partners which also have missions to serve others: Chicago Bible Society provides free and low cost bibles to individuals who need the Word of God. Still Point Theatre Collective creates performance and educational opportunities by providing theatre for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women as well as adults with developmental disabilities. Chicago Montessori fosters in young people the importance of serving others through their educational programs and partners with Ravenswood Presbyterian Church by directing an Organic Community Garden and sustainable agriculture education program. A portion of the organic produce is donated to local food pantries, such as Lakeview Pantry and Common Pantry. Additionally, our Youth Group and Women's Associations volunteer their time at a variety of local shelters, partnering with other churches and social service agencies. As a church, we have participated in collections of food and clothing for organizations such as the Night Ministry, Heartland Alliance, Sarah's Circle and Howard Area Community Center.

To amplify our missional efforts, consider donating directly to our Benevolence & Stewardship budget through a tax-deductible donation.

Checks may be made payable to:

Ravenswood Presbyterian Church, 4300 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60613

(In the subject, write "Missions")

For more information, or to get involved with the missional work of Ravenswood Presbyterian Church, contact Paul Henning at paul@ravenswoodpresbyterian.org